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When Should You Have Your Pool Deck Resurfaced? 

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While you keep up your pool to maintain clear and sparkling water, have remembered the last time you actually paid attention to the pool deck closely? The pool deck can add to the ambiance and the beauty of the pool area and must be maintained in its best condition. Resurfacing such a deck can provide a new and fresh look involving little cost or time. If you can observe some of the problems below with your pool deck, never hesitate to contact us and use our Western Sydney concrete services: 



Though it’s not damaging, a weathered and dull look plainly shouts that the concrete is already aging and needs your attention. The chemicals utilized to keep the water clear and clean, and the extreme UV rays of the sun, might result in discoloration of your pool deck. Moreover, it will weaken the concrete’s structural integrity that eventually causes the appearance of cracks. Though applying a sealer can be an easy fix for this issue, however, it’s not a long-lasting solution especially if the concrete starts to weaken.  

New look 

Part of the everyday usage of the pool is the small chips in the concrete.  But, when erosion already started, it will rapidly change those minimal dented spots into bigger holes due to the movement and shifting of the soil underneath. Such holes before must be repaired before they are allowed to get bigger. Resurfacing the pool deck provides a totally new look aside from the additional security factor of chipped or no holes spots to cause falls and trips.  


One of the issues that might happen when cracks are allowed to enlarge and develop is erosion. This can occur once the water absorbs down through the cracks and impacts the soil below. When erosion is permitted to occur, this just causes far, deeper, and more serious concerns that are usually too expensive to fix.  


Though concrete seems to be long-lasting and sturdy, cracks might eventually take place. Minimal hairline cracks are one of the initial warning indicators implying that your deck requires to be remodeled through resurfacing it. Keep in mind that cracks will just develop and even gets larger if neglected for a long time. Moreover, this can also result in worse issues.  

As much as possible, you need to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of the concrete experts near you before some of the previously mentioned issues and problems will happen to your pool deck, which might get even worse if left untreated for a long time. If any problems take place, immediately contact us. Rest assured that our concrete designers will gladly show you how simple it is to entirely change the wearability and appearance of your pool deck by resurfacing before the problem becomes extreme. Designs, patterns, and colors could be blended to do precisely the look that you want to have in your pool. 

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